MV-Team: Josua

by Josua Lai

Name: Josua Lai

Job: CNC-Mechanic -  This means I am usually creating machine or robotic parts out of a 3d file on a milling machine.

Years of Painting: 2005 till now
Media: mostly Acrylics, inks but i am a guy who tries to paint with almost everything so : oil, pastel, enamel etc

Brushes: Winsor&Newton Series 7 (standard, not miniature), size 0, 1, 2 and 3 as main brushes but i threw away a brush only if he has no bristles left (even then you can still use it to stirring color or resin) so I have a good amount of old and crazy shaped brushes.

Airbrush: Infinity Harder & Steenbek and a Badger Renegade Chrome

Miniatures: Fantasy and Historical, all common scales, from 1:144, 1:72, 28 mm to 1/10 busts

Speed: Medium -Depends on the task though

Inspirational Miniature Painters : Marc Masclans, Kirill Kanaev, Alfonso Giraldes, Roman Lappat, Raffaele Picca

Favourite Miniature Sculptors: Lucas Pina, Allan Carrasco, Pedro Fernandez, Romain van den Bogeart, Raffaele Picca

Gallerys of my miniature works:

--> Hello Jungle

My Name is Josua and i am living in the most beautiful city in Switzerland named Bern.
I started to paint back in 2005 when I got a big Lord of the Rings miniature set as a Christmas gift.

Since then i never really stopped painting. I first painted all by my self, for almost two years without knowing there is a big community out there. All I had was my Games-Workshop painting compendium and a lot of time to practice. I started to explore the community as soon as I found out that there are more than just GW miniatures out there. It was not long and I found Massive Voodoo and was a reader since then. In the last two years I really started to understand some things painting wise and tried to focus on different things to learn. 

The Alchemist one of my biggest projects till now

Beside the miniature world i really like taking photos with my dslr. I love hiking and outdoor activities. I am a scout leader since about 10 years now. Nature itself is for me the biggest inspiration source and also the point where i can find some enjoying moments in silence.

If you ever brewed our morning coffee over a bonfire during sunrise you know exactly what I am talking about.

Neist Point Scotland - Panorama Picture out of 4 full format Pictures

Butt of Lewis - Scotland

My goal for the future is to create more things that inspire people, more things that tell a story, things that even are able to transport emotions and feelings. I have some crazy projects planned and I will let you be part of as much as possible.


We got a new monkey in da jungle!!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

as announced some days back, we got really ...
wait for it ... really, really interesting news:

We got a new monkey in da jungle!!

His name is:                                                  Josua Lai

Josua is just such a nice guy and friendship is growing bigger and bigger since his first visit to the MV studio. We were really impressed by his guest tutorial he did about proper use of two component water and his projects are so fresh and beautiful everytime we see them on social medias, but somehow social media things are going way too fast and get lost after some days.

We decided to ask Josua if he wants to be a part of Massive Voodoo and we were happy when he said "yes". As the MV Team is quite big on one hand, but also full with inactive members it is just about time to bring in some fresh air to the rain forest that is MV. We are pretty sure to see Josua throwing around with bananas in the future. Roman and Josua for example are working on the next concept of a painting competition on MV these days. Stay tuned for more!

Interested in seeing some of Josua's projects?

Before we speak too much about Josua it is time for him to give proper introduction on himself soon!
Stay tuned!


by Roman aka jar

Carbonite Frog

by Roman aka jar


something different this time.
A funny piece I recieved from Kris from Broken Toad on last years SMC. Really cool Star Wars homage that I had to paint up.

Carbonite Frog
Broken Toad

In private collection.

Keep on happy painting!

Inuit Warrior

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

another miniature falls painted from my worktable.
Sculpted by talented Oleksandr Bilibov and Branislav Babovic, distributed by Elite Mini Crew.
On the first glance he looks like a caveman who just realized that fur keeps you warm. I saw an Inuit Warrior in him. That is why he has an ice axe!!

Inuit Warrior
Elite Mini Crew, 32 mm

Inuit Warrior here is not for sale. Already in private collection. Thank you for your support in my work, art and passion!

Keep on happy painting!


by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

sometimes painting delicate full size miniatures can be boring if you are facing figure painting as a job. So - diversity is needed. Walt Disney's Toys of the Infinity Range offer this diversity.

I choose Ironman for some painting sessions.
Check the link to see the model how you can buy it.
I repainted it with tons of fun.

Walt Disney Infinity

This paintjob of Ironman is for sale.
If you like to make it yours, please feel invited to check my PDF cataloge.

Keep on happy painting!

Angme & Ynjen

by Roman aka jar

Hey jungle,

time for some more Hasslefree's from my table.

I so much love the style of Kevin's masterful sculpts, but recently I found myself staring in awe at the quality of their resin masters:

Well, these sculpts paint themselves. Can not help. Just paint it.

Hasslefree Miniatures, 28 mm

I created a bowstring - like in this tutorial - but without Raffa being present in the studio I had to use some hair out of my beard. The lower one was a thicker one, the upper one is super delicate and almonst not visible. Beards!

And she teamed up with little Angme over here:

Hasslefree Miniatures, 28 mm

Both models are for sale - as a team - check my PDF cataloge if you are interested to make them yours.

Keep on happy painting!